Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very Superstitious

A few months ago I wrote this post:

The image above may just be of a black cat to some, but to my friend Janice it is an image of something so frightening that it will cause her to make an illegal u-turn in the middle of a road
just to avoid it.
I have another friend that believes that if you compliment someone, for example you tell them they have a beautiful baby, and then you do not touch the baby then the baby is going to fall ill. I think I may have fallen victim to this curse the other day when a coworker told me they loved my shirt, only to have the button pop off after she didn't touch it to rid me of the curse! Okay, admittedly it was probably the fact that I've had way to many pieces of birthday cake lately, but you never know!
Crazy superstitions are also the reason that my friend Christine and I have vowed never to buy antique pieces for our homes. We are convinced that the previous owner may have loved them more than we do and may come back to visit them.
What seems crazy to some may seem perfectly normal to someone else! I would love to hear everyone else's stories about their superstitions!

Today I saw this on yahoo: It reminded me of that US Weekly feature, "Celebrities, they are just like us." With an added,"They,too,have irrational fears". Billy Bob Thorton-I, too, fear antique furniture. I know it is silly, but I do. How else wants to share their crazy phobias? I promise we will not laugh!


Audrey said...

As far as I know I don't have any superstitions. I think b-day cake might have been the cause of the button incident, or maybe old thread?

Unknown said...

I have the usual ones - never walk under a ladder and never open an umbrella in the house.

sleepingpoet said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing these superstitions. In Eastern Europe, you must never give a compliment to a baby, because the opposite of your compliment will happen. If you do give one, you must always knock on wood afterward! If you want a baby to grow up really healthy, strong and beautiful, you would say "The doves and chickens poo on you!". I know, pretty funny, isn't it? I spent a few years of my childhood on my Grandmother's farm where old farmer ladies taught me all these tricks. ;)

Rosy Revolver said...

We say "skat!" after sneezing, from the old belief that the large inhale before the sneeze was evil spirits entering your body. Skat, we yell. And away they go! ; )

cabin + cub said...

hmmm.. i have few superstitions, although they are kind of common sense, like not walking under a ladder ;)
oh, and i admit i am a little into feng shui