Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Finally Feel Like a True Homeowner

We are approaching our four year anniversary in our home, but today I feel like a real homeowner. Why you may ask, after years of paying mortgage payments is this the day that I feel initiated? The reason is simple my friends. Today I received my first complaint letter from the dreaded Homeowners Association.

A little backstory-For the last several weeks we have been in a drought situation. Having no rain for weeks has forced mandatory water rationing and we are only allowed to water twice per week. Everyone had the saddest little brown yards. Finally, this past Monday and Tuesday we did get some rain. Out from the hay-like substance our grass had become, little green sprouts so proudly began coming out to see the light of day. I was so excited to see green after all of this time. I had already come to the conclusion that we would be spending a fortune to replace our entire dead yard.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem our Homeowners Association feels the same way. They sent us and many of our other neighbors letters stating that our grass needed to be cut. Cut is a very strong word considering it just started growing Monday! I personally think they are just jealous, because their yards are probably still brown and the little green sprouts I have are making them green with envy!

It reminds me of the time that my friend Diana was voted Yard of the Month and then the same week got a letter from the HOA telling her she had two much clover in her yard. First of all they obviously were not Irish and second I think the person that lost Yard of the Month was probably the one sending that letter!

Does anyone else have any HOA horror stories?


cabin + cub said...

wow.. that is pretty hardcore.. there must be someone that has nothing better to do but watch other people's grass grow and complain about it?! heehee.

April Ink said...

My niece lives in Houston and has similar horror stories about her HOA. I know they are out to keep the neighborhood looking nice, but it sounds like they go overboard! I just can't imagine something like that happening here in the midwest.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

cabin+cub-I think they need to get a life as well! What was so funny was when they were voting in the HOA members the candidates were sending out campaign letters with professional pictures and everything! It was right before Obama was voted in so I think they were getting a little carried away with the whole casting your vote thing! :)

April-Maybe your niece and I have the same crazy HOA! They do go overboard in my opinion. They do nothing about the people who have huge dogs running around with no leash, but if your grass is two inches tall there is an issue!

Gardens by T said...

Your story is exactly the reason I hated living in HOA community. I hated being that restricted.