Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

After weeks of working overtime we finally had a Friday off and I took full advantage of it! Getting to spend the morning watching Good Morning America and the midday shopping may seem a little boring, but it made me perfectly happy. Friday night was a little more colorful:

Since my work outfits generally revolve around denim, I love getting to dress up. This weekend the occasion was the return of Cirque Du Soleil to our town.

This time the show was Saltimbanco. I love the Cirque Du Soleil shows. Each one is different, but they are all amazing in their own right. If you have never seen one of them I highly recommend that you do. They have many shows that tour the world as well as shows that are stationed in one location such as Orlando or Vegas to name a few.

Poor Gabriel spent Saturday at the dentist office and since he has a huge phobia about the dentist I spent three hours at the foot of his chair as he was getting four cavities filled. Although I had a stiff neck from sitting there so long reading the coffee table book they had about the architecture of castles, I was much better off than Gabe. He was not feeling so hot so we spent the rest of the afternoon and night at home. Barkley was happy since that meant I had plenty of time to play catch with his new toy:

(He is now missing an arm after the catch portion of our night).


This morning was spent doing boring routine things like grocery shopping. I have realized one thing on my quest to get in shape. When I go to the grocery store and do not try to purchase healthy things my total may add up to be around $75. Then on days like today, when I am trying to get in shape, my groceries end up being $125!

We ended up at the park since it was a very nice, albeit hot, day.

This area was largely affected by Hurricane Ike, but happily things are starting to look back to normal.

The weekend is coming to a close like many of those before it-with Barkley pooped and ready for us to get back to work on Monday so he can get some rest!

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