Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Lazy weekend actually. I don't know why, but every time I stop to rest for a moment I feel guilty for not doing something more productive. There is certainly something to paint, something to read, something to do, but all of those things will have to wait.

It is so hard to feel like conquering the world though when you peer outside your window and are greeted with gray skies. The sky blends almost seamlessly with the concrete driveways. So very blah!

I did venture out yesterday so I have not been a hermit all weekend, even if I feel like I have. I went to my parents house and then we went over to take the pups to the beach. When I came home and checked the mail I was met with a nice note, a thank you note from one of the sales associates at Anthropologie. Rarely do I get anything in the form of snail mail that is not a lovely bill so this note was a welcome change. Working as a cashier was my first job and customer service was a big deal to me then. I continue to appreciate a store with good customer service now.

Last night after my friend decided she wasn't going to show up, (or bother calling, yes I am bitter), for our planned get together, I got really bored. What do I do when I get really bored? I play dress up. Yes the concept is the same as when you were a kid, only now my shoes actually fit and my makeup is applied correctly. I have a few things coming up that I need clothes for so it wasn't a complete waste. Yes I know that I am a goof!

I hope you all are having a more eventful weekend than I am!


Erica said...

I have a hard time letting myself relax too! If I am not working, skating,or taking care of my family, I had better be making things or I would never get to make things!

Nina said...

sometimes a little time off is refreshing! hope the coming week is a great one for you! :)

Mami Made It said...

I think women and particularly moms have a great problem to sit down, take a break and not feeling guilty. I hate these thoughts what else I could do instead of putting my feet up. So enjoy your lazy days!

Chaucee said...

Lately I've been struggling with the same feelings of being unproductive if I just chill out to watch a movie (I have to be knitting or something!). But this is a good thing for me because before I wasn't as active and I'm glad that I've gotten this little bug under my skin. But it's easy to slip into becoming so productive that you stop enjoying life and the people around you!

elsie said...

a goof, but a gorgeous goof! great snap of you playing dress up!!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Erica-I think it is really hard for some of us to just stop and be still. I don't know if I will ever master the art of relaxation!

Nina-Thank you! I hope you have a great one as well.

MamiMadeIt-I think so too. Even though I have no children I still feel guilty taking a break.

Searched And Found-Very true! There has to be a good balance or it is hard to be happy either way.

elsiee-thank you so much! You are way too sweet.