Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Pitfalls of Aging...

My fuzzy son Barkley and I share March as our birth month. Upon opening my mail I saw that both of our birthdays had been realized by completely different sources.

Barkley received an adorable card from his vet with his name inside on a banner and coupons for treats:

Apparently someone else knew that my birthday was coming up and mistakenly thought that I was 40 years older than I really am...

That's right friends! Barkley gets free treats and I can get a free hearing evaluation at the new hearing aid center. I admit I have been to my fair share of loud rock concerts where I have stood right up front next to the speakers. However, I can still hear perfectly fine!

I will overlook this invitation, but I draw the line at the grave site plot sellers. When they start calling me to sell me a space so I do not put a burden on my family when I pass, that is the year I will officially stop counting birthdays!

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