Monday, February 1, 2010

What is Wrong in the Universe When

as I am watching the Grammy arrivals I look at Lady Gaga and think oh ok, I get it she wants us to talk about her:

Then I see Britney and think...

what the....!!! Britney put some clothes on. You are never going to convince everyone that you have got it together when you are wearing Frederick's of Hollywood on the red carpet! Your hair and makeup look great though! Lord how I wish I could take this girl shopping. She needs a shopaholics expertise.

On a serious note, did you guys watch the tribute to Michael Jackson? His kids were so cute and well spoken. Their dad certainly raised great children.


Pamela said...

If Gaga weren't so talented, I'd say she was KuKu! But she somehow can pull it off, as wacky as it is. Now Brit-what's going on?? She looked so BAD! Where are here "people" to tell her this?!?!

MJ's kids WERE very well spoken and so cute. I was so happy to see that. But I didn't have the 3D glasses for the performance, so watching it was sucky. I honestly didn't even know they were doing a 3D thing!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I don't have the patience to sit through four hours of performances and acceptant speeches. And I really believe that the dress code for these things is "Try to one up everyone else in craziness."

Intense Guy said...

Britney's "outfit" is ... just ugly. She really took a dive when success went to her head.

WTF Store said...

I thought the really rich celebs were supposed to have people that dressed them? Yikes!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Pamela-I think GaGa dresses like that to get more people to pay attention to her songs. Britney, I agree, needs people to tell her in a nice way that there are cuter things to go out of your house in!

I didn't realize that they even had 3D glasses for the performance until after. Someone said they were available at Target. Who knew?

Dorkys-I think you are correct. The crazier the better! I usually arm myself with all of the magazines I have been trying to find time to read. That way I don't fall asleep during the boring parts.

Intense Guy-It is ugly. She used to dress so cute when she first started.

Mortira-I guess some don't think they need stylists. Someone hire Rachel Zoe for her stat!