Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I hope your week is ending on a great note! We just got home from taking my mom out so I wanted to catch up with you all. We have had a week full of celebrations, festivals and great times.

One particularly great time was Tuesday when we had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite bands Papa Roach:

I have met many bands and sometimes as real people they do not live up to your expectations. I must say that Tony, Jerry, Jacoby and Tobin exceeded how cool and down to earth I thought they would be. Such awesome guys! And as always their show did not disappoint!

I am all tired out from the week's festivities, but I wanted to stop for a moment and say hello to everyone before I spend a restful Sunday night...well resting up for the long week ahead! :) I also wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all to whom it applies!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!
Fill me in on how you celebrated!


maggiemay0403 said...

I just want to thank you, Gabe and Bark for giving me such a nice Mother's Day. The food was great and I love my candle and necklace.The card was hilarious and so fitting it makes me laugh. You are the best daughter in the whole world and you give me Mother's Day 365 days a year. I love you bunches and Keep the Faith!!!!

Intense Guy said...

I celebrated with my Mom and gave her a starfish necklace I got from one of the etsy shops you featured! She loves it!


She's wearing it yesterday while we walked in a local garden - even if is really hard to see

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Maggiemay-you are welcome mom!

Intense Guy-I am so glad she loved it. It was a beautiful choice! :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Intense Guy-It looks like she was having a lovely day!