Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

While checking out the Anthropologie site it seems as if they are all ready for the warm weather, Gidget style. And although I am on a self imposed shopping ban it doesn't hurt a girl to look now does it? I will answer that myself, no it does not! :)

Big sunglasses! Eye protection-check! Cute to boot-check!

Sure there are fancier gadgets that hold 1,000's of songs..but do they have the vintage style of this radio? No they do not!

Carry your sunblock, towels and summer reads in this Anchored Bag!

I personally believe that swimsuits should all come with a package of Prozac to help you when you realize the reflection in the mirror is not that of Heidi Klum! This one is really cute though!

Do you all have any great plans for the summer?


Intense Guy said...

That radio is really cool.

I would need more than Prozac if I ever looked in a mirror and SAW Heidi Klum...


sugarlens said...

No plans for the summer except just spending time with my baby before going back to work.

I do have a cruise planned for the end of the summer and need a new pair of sunglasses!

Love that swimsuit. Looks really retro.

Kelly said...

That swimsuit is TOO stinkin cute!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Intense Guy-Isn't it! They have a telephone on there that I want too, but not for $200!

LOL! You are funny. I guess it would be a shocker if you looked like Heidi Klum! I am glad you liked your Kristin Davis picture/present! :)

sugarlens-Ooh a cruise sounds fun!Hopefully not in the Gulf of Mexico! By then who knows what color it will be! I love that swimsuit too. It reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

Kelly-I think so too!