Monday, March 12, 2012

The House of the Mouse

Disneyland is such an overload for the senses. From the sights of all the attractions, the sounds of all of the joyous guests and the smells...those yummy smells... just looking at photos can send you straight back in time to your last visit to the land that Walt built. 

I wanted a photo of the mouse himself. Wow I knew I was vertically challenged, but even in heels I am shorter than a mouse! 
Mickey wasn't the only celebrity running around Disneyland. The cast of Modern Family was also there filming an upcoming episode. Sign me up for a day of work like that please! 

I was also pleasantly surprised that current it girl Sophia Vergara was not a stick figure. Cheers to Hollywood actresses who have a shape! A much better role model to young girls! 


Intense Guy said...

I loved riding that train. Simple and all that... it smelled ol' timey too.

You look fab!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I love it too..very relaxing after a long day! Thank you!

belinda said...

One of my places I would love to go and take the kids.