Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Case You Missed It

I must confess that I am not jumping on the 'Hunger Games' bandwagon. Although the movie is getting rave reviews it is just not my thing. I prefer watching funny chick flicks, anything with blood or violence turns me away immediately. The one thing that I hate to miss in the 'Hunger Games' though is one Mr. Lenny Kravitz. Ahh Lenny who has been on the top of my favorite guys list since 1991. While some scoffed at him for his often disheveled 'do and nontraditional clothing, well now those disbelievers seem to be coming to their senses. :) 
Playing the role of Cinna in the movie, Lenny is said to have done a great job, especially by all of my female friends. So I gift you with this my readers, for those of you who may have been missing out a little Kravitz are welcome! 


Georgi said...

interesting blog :)

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Dorkys Ramos said...

While I enjoyed the book, the movie was just okay so you're not missing much there. Thanks for the photos though!