Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bring a Piece of Andy Warhol Into Your Decor

Andy Warhol was an artist with a very colorful life. The line of rugs created to represent his art is just as vivid as Warhol's imagination was.


Although this one is named after plates it looks more like olives to me

I have always thought this would be so perfect in an upscale cigar bar.

So psychedelic, but not in a lava lamp sort of way

Setting Suns
Oh how I need this rug for my bedroom!


My personal favorite and the only one that I actually own. Thanks to an awesome closeout sale at a local store I have this one in my dining room.


I love that this one is classic black and white in a very modern design.

Which one is your favorite?


Linda B said...

I like the eggs.

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jaci said...

I love eggs too!!! Great blog, glad you liked Sassypants and so happy to see another Glambassadors blog! I've added you to my reader and will faithfully follow :-)