Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahh Spring.....

Or more fittingly ah-choo spring!

For those of you lucky enough to not suffer from allergies the scene above looks like a beautiful view full of flowers that you would love to run through. Perhaps even, oh dear God help you, take a picture in! For those of us who did not get the allergy defender gene, spring is not so kind this year.

So I just wanted to say hello as I have been missing the past few days due to my third sinus infection this year. Creativity does not roll around as quickly in a fuzzy allergen ridden brain! Pollen-tool for good, yet tool for such evil!

The weather man on our local news promises than within three weeks the pollen levels will be much lower and allergies will be down. He also said that we were going to have clear skies all weekend and no rain, this mere moments before a thunderstorm began and lasted the better part of the day. My hopes are riding on the possibility that his pollen predictions are more accurate that his ability to look out the window and correctly identify rain clouds!

Has this season been horrible for you all? Any secret weapons for fighting off allergies?


Intense Guy said...

Its a shame the glorious blossoms give so many people grief.

Hope you feel better today.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Thanks! I am still trying to get over this mess!