Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Beautiful photography has an ability to be mood changing, to transport you to another place or give your imagination a little boost. This week I think you will find that our shop will do all of those things for you. Heather King Photography specializes in professional and product photography.

After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography as well as a minor in Professional Photography, Heather now works throughout the Atlanta, GA area as a professional photographer. If you are not in the Atlanta area, however, not to worry! You can check out Heather's work right here:

Chocolate Chip

Pink Bloom


You should also know that if you see a print that you would like in a different size feel free to send Heather a convo. She is open to doing custom sizes of her work as well as custom photography.

I am sure after seeing Heather's shop you will want to start a collection of her photos! Well this week if you are the winner of our prize you will get your collection started off with:

Book Love

How to enter:
1. Check out Heather King Photography. Come back here and leave a comment about your favorite item.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog and you
will earn a second entry.

Entries will be accepted from now until Saturday at midnight.

Check back Sunday to see if you are the lucky winner!


Amie McCracken said...

Her 'Sunburst' flower photo is beyond gorgeous. And I'm a follower!


senioritis said...

nice feature joy de vivre. chocolate chip looks great but our favorite is pastime, we're sports fans ;)

Unknown said...

I love all the photos, they are amazing! I like food photos soo much. I think my fav. is I Heart You Cupcake - Valentine Photography Print 8x10

Unknown said...

Yes! I follow your blog, you always post such fabulous things :)

Intense Guy said...

That book love picture is stunning.

Unknown said...

You have great taste - 2 of my favorites are the chocolate chip that you chose and the aptly named "book love" - I love it! Thank you for shedding light on such an awesome photographer!

Digicute said...

Great feature and giveaway :D!!!!! I love the Daisy print in her shop :)!


Kristen said...

Her newest print "pink bloom" is my favorite!!! It puts me in the mood for spring! :)


Crystal said...

I like your photos! Pink bloom is one of my favorites. Love the cupcake ones too!

Crystal said...


DaisyBlueStore said...

I LOVE her "Daisy" & "Sunburst" prints... :)

DaisyBlueStore said...

I'm a follower! :)

Clare Tea said...

the cupcakes one are somehow amusing... I like the wink wink cupcake best!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the 'book love'! I think this is Heather's signature shot ;D

WhatItSeams said...

I truly love all of your photos but the Sunburst flower is my favorite!

Peppermint Sage Designs said...

It's a toss up between the Book Love and the Chocolate Chips. I love both.

And I'm already following you =)

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I am OBSESSED with "Book Love." If I don't win it I'm just going to have to buy it for myself! I'm about to graduate from college with a degree in English Literature so I'm definitely a book lover.

And now I'm following this blog! It's lovely.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the book love print! (and I'm a new follower, hi!)