Saturday, April 3, 2010

Call Me Betty Crocker...

Since my mom was celebrating her birthday today, I decided to bake her a cake last night. A friend of mine had given me an idea with her food coloring + coconut combo on her Easter cupcakes. I instead made colored coconut to match the candles that will be put on when I take the cake to my mom.

While being a good cook of actual food is not a feat I have yet achieved, I love to bake. It is even more fun when you add cute accessories and fun kitchen items! Here are a few on my wish list:

Just because you are hard at work in the kitchen shouldn't mean you can't look cute while doing so!

The funniest thing about this utensil set is the name: Stir Mix-A-Lot! I couldn't help but chuckle! If you make enough cakes using these you will certainly have a big butt that their namesake
Sir Mix-A-Lot would have raved about!

Keep your mixing spoon handy as it is used as the oar for a gondola. Who would have thought a mixing spoon could look so fun!

If Elton John were reincarnated as a salad, I think he would look exactly like this! How could anyone stop laughing long enough to work on this cutting board?

So this little egg may not look too happy to be mixing his brethren for you to eat, he is certainly cute and gets the job done regardless!

The honey jar and dipper is such a better way to store honey than the plain jar you bring it home in.

If you also want to start calling yourself Betty Crocker, there is no better way than to get your recipes from her set of classics.


Kelly said...

That cupcake apron is ADORABLE. I love aprons and I always want to buy more, but I have WAY too many as it is so I'm trying to control myself. But the cute cupcakes are tempting me..

Also, "While being a good cook of actual food is not a feat I have yet achieved, I love to bake." describes me perfectly too :)

I ♥ Handmade Goods said...

That cake looks delicious! I too am not a cook, but I love to bake...specially decorate cakes! One of my very first sewing projects was to make myself an apron. I may not cook very often, but when I do, I want to look good! Your apron is very cute!

maggiemay0403 said...

Heather, Gabe and Barkley,
Thank you so much for making my birthday so special. I love all the presents and the cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. You made my 60th birthday worth it.
I love you all

J Honda said...

Wonderful!! You have a terrific blog :D

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Kelly-I know what you mean. I am always drawn to aprons. It is sort of like I am with tennis. I have no idea how to play, but I would love to just to wear the cute outfits! LOL! I need therapy! ;)
I am glad I am not the only one who has cooking issues!

I Love Handmade Goods-You are going to have to tell me how to get the little heart to come up in your name! :) Ooh I love to decorate cakes as well. That is the best part. Have you seen the book Hello Cupcake? If not you should check it out. I bet you would love it!

maggiemay-You are very welcome! I hope you had a great one!

KippysSoMature-Thank you!