Friday, April 23, 2010

If You Have Yet to See This...

This guy has been making the rounds on You Tube and I even saw him on Anderson Cooper last night. So if you are his parents are you happy that at least he is only being shown on CNN for being totally drunk? It could be worse right?!

It is a good thing his shoes didn't have laces! He would have really been in trouble!


Intense Guy said...

LOL! That guy is hammered. I do hope he didn't try driving home... and yes, he made his parents proud huh? :)

Have a nice weekend!

Plantress said...

I feel kind of sorry for him. He was pretty helpless

Hope you have the best weekend ever!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Intense Guy-Yes he is! I hope he didn't either. Something tells me that even if he tried to he would not even be able to find his car! LOL! I hope you have a nice weekend as well!

Plantress-That is he! Very helpless! I hope you have a great one as well! :)