Monday, September 21, 2009

My Newest Guilty Pleasure

The Rachel Zoe Project chronicles the life of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe in her very fast paced life of making her clients look amazing. Rachel Zoe is often shown traveling back and forth between New York City and LA and trying to make a million things happen at one time.

I am loving this show for many reasons:
  • Love her or hate her, and many people seemingly do both, you can not take away from her that she is a very hard worker. I also believe she has a slight case of undiagnosed ADHD which I can totally sympathize with.
  • I love seeing beautiful clothes that I more than likely will never be able to afford. Yes, I will admit it freely in the comfort of my blog-I am a shopaholic!
  • It is fun seeing the celebrities and wondering why the heck they can not pick out their own outfits to wear on day to day occasions. I can understand needing help with Oscar dresses, but when you need help picking out clothes to wear to walk from your home to the grocery store I have to chuckle.
  • She is friends with the most awesome designers, including my personal favorite, Marc Jacobs, featured below.

If you haven't yet watched The Rachel Zoe Project I highly recommend it. It airs Monday nights on Bravo. For more info check out:


Dorkys Ramos said...

Ooh, I watched an episode for the first time last weekend (while painting my nails for wedding #1). They were going crazy trying to get Anne Hathaway dressed for the Oscars I think it was. I couldn't understand what all the stress and fuss what about!

But she looked pretty damn good at the end of it all.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Dorkys-I saw that one, too. I knew that it would take a lot to get the celebrities ready for award shows, but I didn't know it would take THAT much! I think we would all look great if we had that many people scouring the world to find us the perfect ensemble! In my world, when I go to work, I am rummaging through my closet to see which of my Old Navy shirts is not in the laundry hamper! LOL!

I love Rachel Zoe's style.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Zoe is fun to watch, so dramatic!

Beautiful clothes have something magical about them don't they?