Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Weekly Winner Is...


Congratulations Jennifer! This must be your lucky week! Just to brag on Jennifer for a moment-her blog was one of the Blogger Blog's of Note this week. So congratulations for that and for being our weekly winner!

Thank you to Sue and Elissa for offering your shop for our feature! We loved being introduced to your shop and to your website with all of those yummy cakes! Best of luck with everything that you are working on!


Jenn said...

Aaaak! Thank you so much! I was just commenting to say thank you. Now I can really say thank you! :)

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo bragging about you guys on my blog next week. <3 :)

Jenn said...

Hey! I got the package a few days ago, it's adorable! Thank you SO MUCH!!! :) xooxoxxo