Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

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I hope you all are doing just that and enjoying your day! I had a great day going out with my friends and their beautiful baby girl. After that Gabe and I went shopping for Halloween costumes. We are having a party this year and thought the sooner we started looking the better the selection will be. Though I haven't fully committed to one yet, I think the Medusa costume is the front runner.

The rest of my weekend unfortunately was not as enjoyable as today. My sinus infection is apparently back to stay thanks to the lovely air quality in Houston. That is enough to ruin a few days, but the loveliness continued.

Saturday, after smelling something electrical burning and my lights flickering in my office, the breaker went off for that room. After calling out an electrician who arrived at midnight, he realized that the fixture in my office was to blame. The wonderful people, I type while rolling my eyes, who put up our fixtures left the wires touching the screws in the ceiling. Apparently every time we were turning on the switch the wiring was slowly melting. Thank God our breaker went off! I was upset over the $400+ dollars it is costing me to fix this, but as I was watching the coverage of the fires in California it put my little problems into perspective. It could have been much worse!

Last night we went to the House of Blues. We had been looking forward to going to see The Cult, especially Billy Duffy who is one of my favorite guitar players. Unfortunately, like the start of my weekend, things didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. It started out with some girl who had about ten drinks too many giving me advice on life. For some reason I don't think that someone who more than likely will not even be able to get themselves home is the person I need to learn life lessons from. Then I got hit in the head from some really tall guy trying to get a guitar pick from the opening band. No one even knew who the heck they were! I would have been more than happy to hand him the guitar pick rather than get hit in the noggin!

Once The Cult started playing it went from bad to really bad! Billy Duffy's guitar wasn't sounding right. He spent the entire night throwing a fit about that. I completely understand the need to sound great, but if he wanted a reason to throw a fit, try standing around for two hours with a drunk chick accidentally spitting on you while slurring her words, squished between hundreds of people with no security in sight and getting hit in the head by some man! That my friend Billy, will give you reason to act a fool!

About thirty minutes before the show was set to end, yet another drunk chick pushed into Gabe. Following her was her drunk boyfriend. Gabe went to get the guy off of him and the guy started getting defensive. When he shoved into the man that was standing next to us, that man, apparently also disgusted with the crowd of the night started to go after him. Here we are in the very front up against the railing getting shoved, no security and the other fool onlookers would not move out of the way! That was Gabe and my last straw! While the other two guys started to go at it we decided that was our cue to get the heck out of that place! We shoved our way through the onlookers so forcefully I am surprised we didn't get into a fight! I don't' know why people will stand there and watch a drunken fight, yet don't understand the words "MOVE, I am getting squished"!

As we were leaving the House of Blues, vowing never to go back due to the fact that we felt very unsafe for lack of security, I had to ponder the question: Am I too old to go to these places or am I just to old to keep dealing with people's crap?

Anywho! I hope you all had a very safe and happy labor day!


Dorkys Ramos said...

Halloween shopping already? Well at least you're not as bad as those Christmas fiends!

That wire situation was a close call. Thank God you guys found it in time. Better to dish out the cash now than regret something worse down the line.

And I know what you mean about the concert. I don't go to them really just because they can be so expensive and just attended my first standing room only concert last May. That was annoying because people kept shoving their way in front of me to supposedly stand with "their friends." Plus I'm short so I could barely see!

Hope your sinus infection clears up and you feel better soon :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Dorkys-LOL! The Halloween superstores get so crowded come October that I finally realized it is better to get there asap. Some of the stores here already have about ten aisles of Christmas and only two or three of Halloween.

Oh I hate the "I need to get up to the front with my friends" excuse at concerts! Last year Gabe and I drove to San Antonio and back that same night to see Maroon 5. It was at a radio station thing and there were several other performers first. We were right in the front and stood there for hours. It was SO HOT and people were passing out left and right. Finally when Maroon 5 came on some girl tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could get up front since it was her birthday. I think the thing that really got me was her makeup was perfect and you could tell she had just walked in. Needless to say she did not get in front of me!

I feel your pain with not being able to see over others, too. I am 5'3", but always seems to end up behind some tall guy. Now I usually wear heels to help me see a little better, but then end up in pain all night!

Thank you! I hope it goes away soon too!