Sunday, August 16, 2009

Avoid Heatstroke and Just Bring the Outdoors In

August is that time of the year that you know you should be outside enjoying the summer, but it is often just too hot to do so. How, you may ask, can you enjoy the out of doors without risking heatstroke when the temperatures outside are boiling? Bring the outdoors in! You can easily accomplish this task by checking out some of these great shops below:

This is the Sunshine Poppy Garden from Love Art Works. Not only will this vase brighten your day, but the proceeds will help brighten someone else's as well. The proceeds from the sale of Sunshine Poppy Garden are also going to a great cause-The American Cancer Society.

This stone ware copper and turquoise vase from Marielle Macville Ceramics. It is a beautiful example of her artifacts collection and is fully functional as a vase.

What a great way to display all of your outdoor finds! The Buckets....Whats at your windowsill...
from ArzuMusa are made entirely from polymer clay.

The moss terrarium No. 139 from Made by Mavis is made from slow growing moss and other tiny plants. You will not need a green thumb for this mini garden as it requires little care and pretty much takes care of itself.

This post is straight from that I write for once a month. There are many great artists and designers there for all of your home design needs. Feel free to check it out if you need any design inspiration.

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