Monday, August 31, 2009

You Know That a Song You Are Hearing Was Made in the 80's If...

  • There is a very distinct sound of cowbell.
  • There is a fake phone call in the middle of the song. I mean seriously, if a song is two minutes long, couldn't you have asked her to hold on the line while you finished singing!
  • Extremely long guitar solos, I am talking the ones that make the song go on for ten minutes.
  • The singer calls out the name of each instrument. I guess in the 80's they didn't have enough faith in the listener to know that we knew the difference between guitars and drums.
  • The words legit or go-go can be found in the chorus.
  • The songs mention calling you on the phone and hoping that you are home to get the call. In the dark ages of the 80's there were no cell phones. If you were lucky you had the fancy push button phone instead of the yellow rotary phone!
  • You can tell just from listening to the song that the singer was wearing the half shaved head do, crazy eye shadow, 5 million bracelets and short shorts, (this includes the male singers as well).


rachel said...

Haha, I like your point about the fake phonecalls in the middle of songs. I always think it's actually my phone ringing.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Rachel-I always do that when watching tv as well. I go to pick up my phone and then feel like an idiot! LOL!