Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary and a Call to Help a Great Cause

Today is the 5Th anniversary of the day we brought Barkley home from the SPCA. I would just like to take this time to remind anyone out there that may be looking for a pet for your home to check out the SPCA and other local animal shelters. So many people go to breeders to get their dogs and while many are reputable, there are lots of them that are not. The shelters often have many different types animals and many breeds. Try not to be so caught up in getting a purebred if you are on the look for a pup and go into your search with an open mind. In the end it isn't about the papers that a dog has, but seeing that happy little tail wag when you walk in the door at night!

Here is a link to the ASPCA for anyone who may want to check it out and possibly find a location near you:
Happy anniversary my Bark! Has anyone else out there adopted from a shelter? I would love to see links to your cuties, please share!


velvetwoods said...

Barkley is very lucky.Happy anniversary Barkley,you are a very cute doggie.I had a dog that I got from the pound and she was such a sweet dog.I had her for 14 years until she died of old age.Yes I think everyone should rescue an animal from the shelter if they want a pet.There are so many wonderful pets waiting for a good home there.

Unknown said...

I never bought a dog - they were always strays (and boy my mom loved me for that...) or from the pound.

LynnAnne said...

Barkley is very lucky to have found his forever home with you. All my dogs have been shelter dogs and have all been wonderful pets. I think there are no "bad dogs", but sad dogs who first found homes with the wrong people!